This isn't just a community its a country coming together to get behind
and support our national team as one.

How the journey of ENGLAND IN DUBAI began

England in Dubai was founded in 2012 by Dan Furlong & Kieran Lindsay with the patriotism of their country and true passion for the love of football.
They could see that the growth of English was on the rise in Dubai and wanted to find away of bringing all English fans together for all major tournaments.

With partnering with previous venues such as XL for the 2012 Euros and 2014 World Cup, to 2016 Euros at Story, to the 2018 World Cup and now the 2021 Euros at Garden on 8.

Year on year we grow our members, the events we host for the fans become talk of the town and we look at ways to bring passion and love for England together in one place.

We are England in Dubai, we look forward to seeing you in the official England Fanzone soon.

What to expect from our fanzone

If you are passionate about your country and have a love for football, then there is no where else to be when England are playing.
We year on year grow our Fanzone to be the talk of the town by creating one of the best atmospheres surrounded by your own nation. We put great pride into building momentous events that give you goose bumps and excitement that you can't wait for them to come back around again.

Expect an atmosphere like no other, the roaring sound of our national songs, chants and anthems, enjoy our 3 piece England band, live entertainment, live activations, face painters, Shot girls, Live DJ, F&B packages and much more.

We create events for the fans, so round up your fellow Englishmen and women and head to the England in Dubai Fanzone for our next match.

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